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Online programmes aimed at weight loss, diabetes prevention & diabetes remission.   

My name is Nerys Frater, I’m an NHS GP and the founder of The Lifestyle Clinic. After years of frustration of working within 10-minute appointments I decided to do things differently. The Lifestyle Clinic is my solution to those wanting to improve their life, lower weight and control their Diabetes. My goal is to show you that when you fully commit to a proven approach, you can achieve so much simply by investing in your health and wellbeing.

What's On Offer

Why This Clinic Is Different

What is special about this clinic?

Everything I've created on this website is designed to help you improve your lifestyle and your health.

So whether your prefer written articles, videos or downloads we have a comprehensive library of free resources!

I am a GP on a mission to help as many people as possible!  

I know the struggles that the NHS faces. I see the gaps in support available. I know that healthcare professionals tend to focus on medication for treatment and prevention. All of our team have either worked for the NHS in the past or continue to do so in the present. This clinic is designed to complement what is already available and to offer a high level of education and expertise for those that are motivated to take control of their health.

For those that want to take the next step and receive our specialised support and to become part of our community then we have a choice of three programmes available. These have been designed to give you quick results but with an emphasis on long-term success rather than a quick-fix 'diet'. 

So whether your have type 2 Diabetes, Prediabetes or just want to lose weight then click below to understand more:


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