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We specialise in helping people lose weight to prevent Type 2 Diabetes with lifestyle change. It doesn't matter whether you are high risk or not; we could all benefit from lowering our blood sugars!

Our specialised team are passionate, patient and skilled.

Our aim is simple; to share our passion of the low carb lifestyle (currently not widely available on the NHS), lower the blood sugars quickly and safely and decrease the risk of you developing health complications.

This is more than just an online course: it's a 3-part programme designed to get you the results you want.

Here's What Our Patients Achieved Last Year 

We're A Small Team Making A Big Impact

Dr Nerys Frater

Nerys is an NHS GP working in Carmarthenshire West Wales. She holds a postgraduate diploma in obesity and weight management. 

She has received the honour of being a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion to further support the work in diabetes remission and works tirelessly to campaign for greater awareness for the impact of using lifestyle medicine rather than medication for treatment and prevention of type 2 Diabetes.

Emma Williams

Emma has been the linchpin of this clinic since the early days. Initially employed as an administrator Emma showed herself to be popular with patients asking to see her for motivational support and inspiration! 

Emma has been responsible for developing the 'Transform Your Mindset' coaching sessions, an integral part of our programme


Ann Lewis

Ann leads on the Diabetes Remission Service. Having been a Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse for over thirty years Ann has a wealth knowledge helping patients both in the hospital and the community setting. She has also gained a great reputation as a Diabetes nurse educator having provided support and knowledge to many Doctors and nurses throughout South Wales. Her kind and patient manner make her a popular choice with patients.

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  • Access our incredible community of others on the same journey
  • Have medical expertise to lower your medications safely (diabetes only)
  • Receive 6 months (longer if needed) of support by our passionate team, who will motivate and inspire you should you encounter obstacles along the way

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Who says dieting is an all or nothing approach?

Why do so many diets fail after 6 months?

Why is there a higher chance of you weighing more a year after doing a diet than you did at the start?

Our programme has been developed with these answers in mind.

We have been conditioned to believe that weight loss means going full throttle lowering the calories and restricting all our favourite food. The problem with this approach is that it teaches your body to gain weight in the long-term. Going on and off a diet is harmful to your health & not many people realise this.

This is why taking the time to understand how your body and brain respond to weight loss is critical for success. 

This programme is powerful as it not only teaches you about the body but also focusses on the mind. Losing weight is as much about psychology as it is physiology. It is only when we master both do we unleash a long-lasting transformation.


  • How insulin and insulin resistance is driving weight gain & obesity
  • How small tweaks to your lifestyle can have a bigger effect on your blood sugars than medication
  • The top foods causing the problem & how to substitute these 
  • How changing your mealtimes can help you lose weight
  • The effect of sleep on your weight and how stress should never be underestimated. We discuss strategies to make an impact.
  • How to set clear goals with a focus on making them achievable 
  • How the brain can sabotage your attempts and how to identify when and how your beliefs might be holding you back
  • How to lose weight whilst still having fun eating out!
  • That you are not alone and we want to see you succeed

Programme Breakdown

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What Our Participants Said


You opened up a new world in regard to how I look at diabetes.

It helped with my weight loss and gave me the confidence to push on and achieve my goals.


I feel the clinic has been life changing for me

I feel like a new person!


I feel much more energised

more motivated and happier. I no longer crave chocolate, biscuits, pasta and bread which were my weaknesses before.


The clinic turned out to be a complete revelation!

Dr Frater is knowledgeable and passionate about the programme. The results have been amazing. Within six months me and my husband had lost five and a half stone between us with my husband's blood sugars now in the prediabetic range on no medication. I am no longer prediabetic. 

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It's never too late to lower your blood sugars and decrease your risk of complications from Diabetes.

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