5 Books that have changed my outlook on diabetes and weight loss

Feb 20, 2024

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m an avid reader. It’s not uncommon for me to read one book a week, and that’s been the case for years! But it’s not novels I read! Most books I read nowadays is about Diabetes, weight loss and psychology! I cannot get enough of them, there is so much knowledge out there, so many different perspectives. I’m often asked which books have influenced me the most; so here they are: the top 5. These have been chosen with you in mind, they have a medical slant (often written by practising medical doctors) but have plenty of practical advice you can implement straight away. Happy reading!

 1. The Diabetes Code (Jason Fung)

2. The Stress Solution (Rangan Chatterjee) 

3. Why we eat (too much) (Dr Andrew Jenkinson). 


4. Why we get fat (Gary Taubes). 

5. Atomic Habits (James Clear). 

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