Mindset Mini-Course

4-part training to revolutionize your thinking

Want to learn how to strengthen your willpower?

Join us for a fascinating journey to learn all you need to know to increase motivation, stay focussed on your goals and improve your self-control making weight loss effortless and long-lasting

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This month we focus on the biggest obstacle for all those trying to keep weight off; mindset, motivation and willpower!

By sharing knowledge that I have developed from running weight loss and diabetes remission clinics since 2018 I’m going to hone in on the things you need to know. 

Because the reality is you aren't just born with a strong mind; it is a skill. A skill that can be learned and a skill that can be practiced to get the desired results!

You will move from feeling helpless, desperate and confused to having clarity, control and confidence.

By exploring the psychology of the mind you will gain skills to understand how your brain might be sabotaging your good will, wearing down you self-control and affecting your willpower. We hope to transform the feelings of guilt, shame and embarass to feeling free, empowered and motivated. And most of all to realising it's not your fault!

 And by creating small achievable goals you will realise the true potential of what you're capable of, not just with achieving your desired weight or health goals but in multiple other areas of your life. 

Are you stuck in a cycle of

repeated diets 

seeing your weight go up and down year after year & want to be able to just make the changes stick long-term?

Are you finding yourself battling against your mind 

& want to know the simple hacks that can keep your mindset strong making weight loss a game rather than a battle?

Are you finding yourself thinking you will never be able to achieve your weight loss goal?

& want to know how you can increase your willpower when you're feeling low in energy?

Are you feeling guilty that you cannot get control of your weight and health

& want to stabilise your blood sugar, your erratic mood, and feel more positive than ever before?

Do you just want something (or someone) to spark your ambition and get you back motivated again?

And there's nothing wrong with that!

Join us to learn skills that you can use time and time again!

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4-part training designed for success

This mini-course has been designed to be done in the most efficient way,

in the shortest amount of time and

is specific for those who want to get control of their health for the long-term

Part 1

This session challenges what we know about mindset, encompassing the fixed vs the growth mindset. We explore the biggest factors that will determine your success with achieving long-lasting weight loss & the three point strategy to improve your mindset for good!

Part 2

This session is for those that are struggling to keep motivated, those that feel they‚Äôve 'fallen off', & those that are looking for ‚Äėmindset hacks‚Äô: ¬†

Learn the three elements to create strong willpower, the 'willpower tank' in your brain and how the 'hot and cold' systems¬†can impact your ability to make the right choice at the right time!¬†Most of us think that willpower is ‚Äėmind over matter‚Äô..but this in fact is far from the truth!¬†

Part 3

Here are the six specific habits that successful people do to achieve long-term physical and mental health. I share insights from my reading & experience to explain how these habits can transform our lives. This session will enlighten you as to how to incorporate these habits into your daily routine and improve your overall well-being.

Part 4

To finish we take you through a powerful, thought-provoking activity to get you thinking about your goals. A popular session with our clinic participants, designed to challenge the way you think and help you integrate your new skills into a sustainable lifestyle.

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  • Access to our¬†4-part training¬†
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  • Our unique technique for empowering you to overcome mindset challenges
  • Understanding how feeling guilty and ashamed about previous weight loss attempts¬†could be making weight loss harder
  • A guide to set you up for long-term success (we don't believe in short-term fixes!)
  • Introduction to new ways of thinking that will open up a new approach to weight loss. We can guarantee that no other weight loss service takes a deep-dive into the skills and tips we share here!

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