Reversing Prediabetes Masterclass

3hrs to uncover the three things you need to be doing to get a normal blood sugar


Live session with Dr Nerys!

9.30 - 12.30pm Thursday 16th May 2024

Cost: £97

This 3hr masterclass is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with a GP with expertise in Prediabetes remission, get the most important info and ask the questions you felt you couldn't ask your GP!

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Join me for a live masterclass where I'll share my expertise on how to reverse Prediabetes. In just 3 hours I'll share with you how to prevent the common pitfalls & how to avoid the need for tablets  so you can be confident that your next blood test will be exactly what you want it to be!

This training will be different to training offered on the NHS as I offer my unique perspective on what it really takes to get a normal blood sugar using training from inside my Blood Sugar Mastery Programme.

The three part training will encompass exactly where you need to start to make the quickest and biggest impact on your blood sugar. A guide to home glucose testing and other clues that prove you're on the right track without visiting your GP. We'll also share the best apps and trackers, best websites for recipes and exactly what to eat so you can still enjoy your life!

This session is not to be missed! Enrol now!

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3-part masterclass for those newly diagnosed with Prediabetes

Part 1: Newly diagnosed?

You need to know these 3 things...

Getting a diagnosis of Prediabetes can feel pretty terrifying, especially if received by letter or a quick 10-minute phonecall. Knowing exactly where to start will focus your attention to know specifically what matters. We'll cover

  • The cause of prediabetes (even if you barely eat sugar or not overweight)
  • The formula used to show how likely you are to develop Type 2 Diabetes and how to create a strategy to decrease that risk
  • The truth behind insulin resistance so you can treat a high blood pressure and cholesterol simultaneously!

Part 2: How to take control now without waiting a year

The biggest frustration we hear from patients with Prediabetes is the lack of follow-up. Twelve whole months for a repeat blood tests is a long-time to wait!

How do you know you're on the right track? We'll help you by sharing:

  • The clues to look for to know for certain you're headed for a drop in the annual HbA1c blood test
  • Home blood sugar testing. Many people buy a monitor but do you really know what the results mean? Is it even useful with Prediabetes? Find out how to correctly interpret your results with our 'guide to home glucose testing'

Part 3: Prediabetes is not all doom & gloom 

Let's move away from the all or nothing mentality. Does Prediabetes really mean you'll never be allowed to eat a biscuit again?! In the last part we'll show you how to make lasting changes whilst still enjoying your life. This will include:

  • Our most recommended apps and trackers
  • Best websites for recipes
  • The exact foods that cause a problem and how to work around it
  • A chance for live Q&A with Dr Nerys 

Reversing Prediabetes Masterclass


Thursday 16th May 2024 (9.30-12.30pm)

  • 3 hour live session with Dr Nerys (replay available)
  • Finally learn what's required to reverse prediabetes!
  • Materials taken from inside our Blood Sugar Mastery course (anyone that joins this course gets a full refund off the Blood Sugar Mastery Programme should they wish to join in the future.)
  • Specifically designed for those with Prediabetes
  • Opportunity to ask the questions you feel you couldn't ask your GP!
  • 10-page workbook that covers the most impactful changes  you can make and a reference point you can use over and over again. (Includes risk calculator and a guide to using the blood sugar monitor effectively).

As a GP I’ve realised that people that have the most success and the quickest results are ones that understand these 3 things:


And once you understand these then you can make big leaps to lower your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol at the same time! 

Are you ready for the Reversing Prediabetes Masterclass?

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