Mastering The Sweet Tooth

10-day mini course

Want to master that sweet tooth in just 10 days?

Join us for an immersive challenge to learn all you need to know and get control over those cravings.


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This month we focus on the biggest obstacle for all those trying to lose weight and control their blood sugars; overcoming sugar cravings and mastering the sweet tooth!

By sharing knowledge that I have developed as a doctor I’m going to hone in on the things you need to know. How your pancreas, bowels and your brain react to sugar. How you can withdraw from sugar. With knowledge comes power and this will set you up to understanding how you can prevent disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty lover disease and many many more. You will move from feeling helpless, desperate and confused to having clarity, control and confidence.

By exploring the psychology of the mind you will gain skills to understand how your brain might be sabotaging your good will, wearing down you self-control and affecting your willpower. We hope to transform the feelings of guilt, shame and embarass to feeling free, empowered and motivated.

 And by creating small achievable goals we will support you to get off the sugar rollercoaster, saying goodbye to those feelings of labile mood, tiredness and irritability and stepping in to a state of higher energy, better restful sleep and less hunger.

Discover the secrets of human physiology and psychology in just 5 mins a day 

Knowledge that you'll want to come back to and use time and time again 

Written by Dr Nerys, a GP with a passion for all things weight loss and blood sugar

This challenge will empower you to overcome the biggest obstacle for the ultimate control of your health 

Uncover how your brain craves Dopamine 

And how you can change your mindset from that of feeling deprived at what your missing to feeling empowered that you are no longer feeling hungry 

Design your success plan to make this challenge one you can stick to long-term 

Gain critical insights into what's held you back in the past so you can forge a new path for the future 

Accelerate your journey knowing you're taking the quickest route to weight loss without hunger 

Embrace the challenge knowing that we specialise in getting you the results in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort

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Can you commit to just 5 minutes a day for 10 days?

This challenge has been designed to be done in the most efficient way,

in the shortest amount of time and

is specific for those who have Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes

Get the 10-day challenge


  • 10-day challenge 
  • Short daily videos designed for success
  • Workbook

With medical support


For those taking Insulin/ Gliclazide/Glimepiride

  • 10-day challenge 
  • All the benefits of the basic plan +
  • 2x 30min appointment with our clinical team
  • This is for those that need advice to decrease prescriptions safely

**For those on medication for Diabetes**

This programme is not suitable for those with Diabetes that are prescribed medication with a risk of causing hypoglycaemia. These medications include insulin and sulphonylureas (eg Gliclazide/ Glimepiride). If you are taking these medication or are unsure whether your medication poses a risk then get in contact before you purchase. ([email protected])


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